Why Yorkshire folk are naturally great at PR

There’s something about being able to say you’re ‘Yorkshire born and bred’. I’m very proud of my roots. There’s an honesty about this county. We say what we mean, and we mean what we say.

As the owner of a Yorkshire PR agency, that down to earth, no-nonsense attitude is what drives me. I’ll never over-promise or wrap things in cotton wool and sprinkle glitter over the top – I’ll say it how it is, it’s the way I’ve been brought up. Clients appreciate that openness.

I hate the misconception that PR is all fluff and Champagne lunches. In fact, in over 20 years in this business I don’t think I’ve ever had a Champagne lunch. I laugh my head off at sit-coms such as ‘Ab Fab’ and ‘The Thick of It’, but they don’t positively contribute to the PR professional’s image. The reality is long hours, hard graft and most definitely being able to build solid, trusting relationships.

I also hate that ‘spin doctor’ phrase which has done some reputational damage to our profession. It conveys a feeling of dishonesty. Good, successful PR is the polar opposite of that – PR is about creating trust in a business, a brand or a cause, honesty is at the heart of that.

Seeing it as it is, saying it as it is, that’s what us Yorkshire folk do best – and that’s why we’re naturally gifted at all things PR!

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