What is at the heart of PR?

Everyone’s heard of PR, but many people haven’t got a clue what it actually is. Some might think it’s got something to do with writing press releases, organising events or having extravagant long lunches in posh restaurants.

I’ve worked in the media and PR industry for over 20 years and I can’t ever remember having an extravagant working lunch. The chance would be a fine thing, never mind being able to find the time!

The main duties in the industry are communications strategy development, corporate public relations, media relations and crisis communications.

But, when you strip all the facets of PR back to the core, there is one vital ingredient that binds everything together – it is simply the craft of being able to tell a good story.

PR professionals have to have a natural talent for writing, that’s a given, but they also need to be able to find ‘the hook’. This is the term we use to describe that nugget of information that will immediately grab the reader’s or listener’s attention. Every story can be made interesting and it’s the PR person’s job to turn even the driest subject into a headline grabber.

They will craft the story and then use it in various ways, perhaps as a blog on a website, as social media posts or as a press release.

Journalists get dozens, if not hundreds, of pitches from PR people every day. The good PRs know how to make their material stand out from the crowd. This is where PR pros need to be more than just good writers. They spend years building solid relationships with key journalists. They know the subjects specific journalists are interested in, how they like to receive pitches (is it by phone, email or in person?). The relationship would soon turn sour if the PR pitched boring, uninspiring content to the journalist – it would be sent to the junk box without a second glance.

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